Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Sunday~

Hey people! I had a great time at church today. Whee~ hehe. Was laughing non stop. Lol. Yea. The worship team was awesome today! Love da songs. Hehe. We did some really crazy stuffs today. Writing wad's crazy in this world in a mahjong paper with a crayon. Haha. My group drew a really crazy face with words written below 'i am crazy,you are crazy,we all are crazy,livin in a crazy world' haha. Funny rite? It ended quite early. So,was sitting and chatting with sin yee,marcus and ben. Hmm.. I shall remind ben bout the man in tutu. Hahaha.
And all da best to you people who are having exams=) God bless:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hillsong Australia!!~

Yesterday night I went for the Hillsong concert-Unite and Conquer-with Sin yee,vic,elaine,jo,yi qi,crystal and vern. It was GREAT! AWESOME! I had a great time except for something that happened yesterday. But.. I ENJOYED MYSELF too! Not gonna let that destroy my night!=)We all had fun worshiping God and praying for each other. Really hope they'll come again next year. =)

After the concert ended,Sin yee,jo,yi qi,vincent and I went for supper at stadium. The hor hee is so yummy! haha. Didnt eat dinner and was Thankx to sin yee's mom who took us there.=) if not,my mum would hav scolded me for not eatin. hehe.By the time I reach home it was about 11.40.haha.Dad was nagging all the time.But was just listening not absorbing also.haha.

And yea..thankx for coming bac this sun just for me=)hehehe. Perasan d.So long didnt see you d.Hope to see you this sun=)and all the best for your exams yea.
Didnt go to school today.Was having sore throat after shouting and cheering so much yesterday=)but the main reason was..I am LAZY! haha.

I want to go for the movie marathon too!! yer.. But dont think my parents will allow ler. Sin Yee! I want to go!! hehe. Hope I can go ler..=)

Yea. I guess that's all for today=)
I HAD A GREAT GREAT TIME YESTERDAY! Thankx to all my friends=) love you guys♥

Friday, May 7, 2010


I just came back from chicken's surprise farewell party..Everything went just the way I wanted it to be..=) the surprise party worked out!!Oh god..I was so happy when I see her laughing so happily shaking her butt..haha.. All of us just appeared infront of her house..hehe..Actually I've planned it with her mom first we all gathered at Ann's house..then we went to Jia Qi's house together gether..hehe..Each of us bought something there to eat.. yummy yummy=) haha..Love Sin Yee's spaghetti~~ Neway..just wanna thank all my friends who make this farewell party so perfect~Without them,we wouldnt have such a fun and crazy with Kim around* hehehe..Oh yea..chicken..better put more cleanser on your face..wakaka..Poor jia qi.. Kena abused by Kim~smashing chocolate sake on chicken's face~ hahahaha..And..poor the floor dirty..haha..Thankx to Sok Leng n Sin Yee who became *the maids*...wakakakakaka..

Hmm.. The party was obviously awesome..but I rather not have the party.. I WANT JIA QI TO STAY HERE!!
Jia Qi, you've alwiz been a very very good friend of mine..
I hope we can still keep in touch forever and ever.
Things would be much better without exams!!We can go out everyday and spend time with you..and you do not need to leave school so fast..=(EXAMS!! EXAMS!!EXAMS!because of you..We cant have more time to spend with each other.because of you..Jia Qi has to stop school at 14 when actually she can stay till the 4th..because of you..Everyone needs to study and not everyone could come for the farewell party..I HATE YOU EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope we can go KL right after exams..I hope we can see her before she leaves for US =(Jia Qi..pls do remember us..k? and our gang!! hehe.. >LOVE YOU LOTS~~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Taiping trip~

Here are some of the pictures I
Today we went to Taiping Zoo and Taman Herba for our Civics project. But we were there to have fun Sin yee and I really had fun taking pictures..haha..~as usual~ lol. The funny thing was..chicken camwhores everywhere. lol. Funny la she. And..Sin Yee's scared monkeys. haha. yea..erm..those who went today were..sok leng~da birthday gurl~,chicken,sin yee,me,kishaniah,lynn,alex,may lynn,chi ying,wai yan,ee wei and wen yen..and others la. haha.
Was so tired after the trip. But i went to JJ with sin yee after that. haha. Went I skipped my ballet lesson again. hmm..she's gonna kill Exam's just around the corner and I alwiz miss my classes.. People..wish me luck for my ballet exam..haha. Tomorrow will be another FUN day! yay! hehe.

Friday, March 26, 2010

WE NEED YOU..seriously..
Promise me..k?
Haiz..this is so sad..
Pls dont leave..i beg u.. =(

Friday, March 19, 2010


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey bloggie~
Im back again.hehe..Holidays are here! Yay! haha..
Hmm..let's see..
I went to Syuen Hotel on Sun.. for a really great concert..CHANGE YOUR WORLD!
Its really fun fun FUN! hehe..
Went with anna,kish,shawn,shu qi,and her gang..haha..
Met so many people there. Saw pei yen and kit yi too..
I really had a fabulous time there. But I was freezing though.. haha.
We cabut to Secret Recipe for awhile for our dinner.
Before that,Anna and Shawn already had
So worried for,we quickly went for our yummy dinner.
Neway,had a really nice talk with you..hehe..
Dont'll know the answer patient la..haha..
And..dont always stay awake the whole night la..not good
U promised me d 1 ah..haha.

Hmm. . .
I guess I was wrong about you. I didnt know that I CANT JUDGE A PERSON!
Chicken was right..
Hope we can still keep in touch..=)

Ohh! Talking bout chicken..
Pls dont leave..please please please.. I beg of you..
Just stay here until SPM finishes..
Pray hard that u'll stay here..

There's still tons of homework waiting for me..
Exam's just over. I got my Chem and Sej paper back..
Im not that satisfied..but its okay la for the first time..I
And I was really lucky that i recovered before exam..Phew~~
And yea..thankx to those people who cared for me so much..
I think you know who you are..hehe..
Thank you so much for being there for me..
And Im so sorry Sok Leng,Crystal and Alex..
I was absent on Sports Day..=(
Hope can still run with you guys next year..hehe
That's all..byez..=D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

School's starting tomorrow. I hope there's not much homework. lol. My chinese new year holidays had just passed like that. It was really bored until yesterday. hehe. I really had fun. Thank you. Hope there'll be more days like yesterday. haha. Love yesterday! hehe.
Exams are here!! and..I've not started my this is so That's all for the day.hehe..
Once again..
Thankx for da tickets and my baskin robins ice cream! haha

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have to admit that I've changed. I feel im so different from form 3. Or am I just too sensitive? I'm so stressed up these few days. I was pushing and rushing myself to finish all my homework in school. I seriously have no time for homework at home. I didn't realise that I was THAT scary until elaine told me that. She said "Krystle,are you okayy today?" and I was so blur. I answered. "huh. yes i guess". Then she was like "yesterday you were so scary. You looked so stressed up like you're gonna eat me". lol. then i was laughing. " I said im sorry. Was just busy doing my homework with a frown on my forehead. haha. I'm sorry la. I just can't help it. I DONT WANT TO HAVE HOMEWORK!! And chicken said the same thing to me. She's telling everyone that i'm so stressed up. Wad la she. lol. Teachers..come on la. We are human. Stop treating us like we're robots. Neway, I like Dilip. haha. Not on the karangan part but he gave us time to do homework in his class. And that's a human. =)
Today went to school. Chicken was complaining to me bout sports things again. And i told her not to care anymore. Victoria and Cavell are currently having a WAR. lol. Wad la. It's just a sports day. Come on.. Its our school sports day la. Nightingale(me) and Crosby(chicken) are still the best. hehehehe.And yea.. We are doing pre-sale for the pesta ria. Hope we can collect tons and tons of And..
Im so happy today. hehe. Actually,it's not a bad thing to go to school on Saturday. I feel it's the best day to go to school. haha. It's just somehow different from other days. In chemistry lab, I've learnt this word "anaeyo" i dont know how to spell but it means "no" in korean. haha. I've heard this in many korean dramas and i've started using it in school today and its seriously hilarious. haha. and chicken taught me "bogojipo" which means "i miss you" haha. and "saranghaeyo" means "i love you". I love korean words(not the spelling) lol. and most importantly..korean SONGS!!! love ft. island so so so much..
Next,awh..I just felt so happy for Kiirtaara. hehe. Hope both of you will be happy and loving together..kay? hehe. Besties forever. I miss Kishy so much. Hope she was in our class. Today,we've planned to chat during recess but our recess were different time! ish..miss her so much. hope can be in the same class with her next year. Love her lots. All da best..~
SO many people's birthday is coming. What should i buy for them?? There's still a huge question mark in my mind. Hmm. I planned to buy something for chicken. But i dont know whether i can find it or not. Hope i can.. I know she'll love it very very much. Today is ann's birthday..
hope "bean" will be there for you. wakaka. Neway,hope you have a wonderful sweet sixteen and always be a nice friend as you are right now. Love you lots. Best friends forever~
~That's all for today~=)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just came back from Jusco..
Helped my dad to choose a gift for my mom for valentine..hehe
Finally,we bought a watch..
I chose cuz it nice..hahahahaha..
Hope she'll like it..=)

These few days the teachers were not 'THAT' mad.. least there were not so many homework..
Hopefully i can finish my homework in skul everyday..
After the homework stress, came the sports stress...gosh..
Bianca forced me to join la??
so stressed up la..4x100m enough d la..haha
(if she reads this,i'll be dead)
seriously,i dont think i can manage to win la..

I wan to run for class..haha
But my class teacher doesnt allow..because she's a nightingale teacher too..
haiz...too bad.. maths teacher is getting better la.. we told her that we dont need the notes for
we r actually quite mean to her..poor thing..
lol...we're the meanies...but not as mean as chicken la..haha..
funny la she..sit with her can laugh till me stomach aches..haha...

I dont want to dance character dance la..
Pls teacher..dont choose character dance for me..haha
Anyway,with jean around..its merrier la...k??
happy jean?? lol
Jocelyn is goin to aus soon..
All da best to her...
Hope she'll do her best there..gud luck..=)

CNY is coming soon..hehe
Cant'll be so fun..
can wear new clothes..haha..
But im afraid i dont hav time to study for piawai test la..
chicken is freaking me out...she says we must study during CNY..,we set our target to finish reading sj bab 1 and komsas stuffs..
I really dunno whether i gt time anot la..
On the 3rd day of CNY i'll be going to kuantan..
how am i goin to study??? Help me people..
Eh..i havent finish reading Azfa Hanani...
Gosh...hav to read now..bye..=)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Was thinking to myself..
Hmm..what should i blog about??
If i dont blog,i'll be bored to
Thankx to me the idea of talking bout u..
lol..u shud tel me more stuff bout u ma..
Wad shud i blog bout u la?

. . . .

. . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

haha..i really dunno wad to write la..
neway,thankx for chatting with me these few
hope u can buy ur new year clothes soon..k?
i dont think i can go out one day before cny la..
hope u had fun these few days..
Sweet dreams..

~bored of doin add maths~

Friday, January 29, 2010

I just have to say that I HATE FORM 4..
finally..MY FRIDAY is here..haha
been waiting for fridays..i guess its because it just the best day of the week..
Not many books to bring..and.. only have 1 tuition..hehe

Today,we had merentas desa..
It was so
I think we should change the name 'merentas desa' to 'merentas sekolah'..
lol..all we did was running around the skul compound..
After that,me,chicken,sin yee and sok leng have to do a presentation on 'Memori Seorang Tua'..
Thankx to Dilip for stopping our presentation here and there to explain something..haha
Tat made me not so nervous..haha
During maths,I think we were treated like kindergarden children..
What the crap la weyh..
The new practical teacher came in and..
Guess wad??
She pasted manila card on the black board and teaches us the formulae..
with coloured marker
we were laughing all the time..haha
And..the worst thing is..copying notes for maths..
I think it's about 3 pages of notes..
since when maths have notes??
And she gives us tons of homework too!
I think she's the worst teacher in my class..
I will rather have norhayati for our maths class..
My gang..sin yee,chicken,sok leng and I was saying that our monitor,suraya can be a better teacher than she

After skul,we ate in the canteen and walked to Sejati for physics..
Today's class was nice.. KC Leong sang a song..(just a part)..haha
It was so nice of him..hehe..
Oh ya..before the class start,me and Lynn walked to the mamak stall..haha..
I had sirap limau and lynn had teh o limau ais(i think) haha..
Then,we shared roti tisu..
Lynn belanja me today..

After tuition,i went to ipoh swimming club..
i went to the gym n swam for like...45 minutes..i think..
i really had a bad stamina today..
can only swim 4 laps continuously..
haiz...really have to train more la..
so scary..nex 2 weeks is the competition d..
hope mgs can win..hehe..
Gambateh MGS..~~

Im really tired now..
that's all for today..


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey people!! Im
Skul started 3 weeks ago..and here i am..
suffering to death..
the first week of skul was fun..
bcos there's NO HOMEWORK!!!!
but im certainly grateful that i had got into the class that i wanted...4S1..
BUT...of cuz 3 Hornbill is still and will always be the best class in my life..=)
It's not that 4s1 is not really happy that i can be in the same class with chingy,belle si,vicky,ann,elaine,kirsten... they all la...ESPECIALLY..sin yee..chicken(jia qi),sok leng,mag n kiirtaara..hehe
and..chicken is my deskmate this year..
so glad i can sit with her..hehe..
i think the whole row..we're the most noisy
i never thought that life in form 4 would be this hard..haiz..
my class will never be the same without my Kishy(Kishaniah)...=( harder..k? We must be in the same class nex year..promise??=)
seriously,im lifeless now..
This is what i've gotta do..

Monday-skul,choir,bio tuition
Tuesday-skul,nightingale,ballet,chemistry tuition
Wednesday-skul,add maths tuition,ballet
Thursday-skul,accounts tuition,ballet
Friday-skul,physics tuition
Sun-comp lesson,bm tuition.

I think this will be the timetable for my life this year..
And..i have to add in..HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK everyday...
Tons of homework..this is totally madness..
How can we enjoy our form 4 like this?
The second week..we had 3 essays,1 karangan(at least 800 words) n a lot more..
When I was told about the format of SPM papers, i felt like fainting..
It's so MUCH MORE difficult compared to form 3..gosh..
How am I going to manage this???
Someone pls help me!!
I wonder what is my results for the first monthly test..=(

I really have no time for all this..
Im sorry..k?
I just hope that u'll understand..

Oh yeah..that day,i went out to jusco with lynn,sinyee,sean,kish,kiirtaara,julianne,viva,shalini,alex n jean..
It was Lynn's sweet sixteen birthday..=)