Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hillsong Australia!!~

Yesterday night I went for the Hillsong concert-Unite and Conquer-with Sin yee,vic,elaine,jo,yi qi,crystal and vern. It was GREAT! AWESOME! I had a great time except for something that happened yesterday. But.. I ENJOYED MYSELF too! Not gonna let that destroy my night!=)We all had fun worshiping God and praying for each other. Really hope they'll come again next year. =)

After the concert ended,Sin yee,jo,yi qi,vincent and I went for supper at stadium. The hor hee is so yummy! haha. Didnt eat dinner and was Thankx to sin yee's mom who took us there.=) if not,my mum would hav scolded me for not eatin. hehe.By the time I reach home it was about 11.40.haha.Dad was nagging all the time.But was just listening not absorbing also.haha.

And yea..thankx for coming bac this sun just for me=)hehehe. Perasan d.So long didnt see you d.Hope to see you this sun=)and all the best for your exams yea.
Didnt go to school today.Was having sore throat after shouting and cheering so much yesterday=)but the main reason was..I am LAZY! haha.

I want to go for the movie marathon too!! yer.. But dont think my parents will allow ler. Sin Yee! I want to go!! hehe. Hope I can go ler..=)

Yea. I guess that's all for today=)
I HAD A GREAT GREAT TIME YESTERDAY! Thankx to all my friends=) love you guys♥

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