Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey bloggie~
Im back again.hehe..Holidays are here! Yay! haha..
Hmm..let's see..
I went to Syuen Hotel on Sun.. for a really great concert..CHANGE YOUR WORLD!
Its really fun fun FUN! hehe..
Went with anna,kish,shawn,shu qi,and her gang..haha..
Met so many people there. Saw pei yen and kit yi too..
I really had a fabulous time there. But I was freezing though.. haha.
We cabut to Secret Recipe for awhile for our dinner.
Before that,Anna and Shawn already had gastric..lol..
So worried for them..so,we quickly went for our yummy dinner.
Neway,had a really nice talk with you..hehe..
Dont worry..you'll know the answer soon..be patient la..haha..
And..dont always stay awake the whole night la..not good ah..lol
U promised me d 1 ah..haha.

Hmm. . .
I guess I was wrong about you. I didnt know that I CANT JUDGE A PERSON!
Chicken was right..
Hope we can still keep in touch..=)

Ohh! Talking bout chicken..
Pls dont leave..please please please.. I beg of you..
Just stay here until SPM finishes..
Pray hard that u'll stay here..

There's still tons of homework waiting for me..
Exam's just over. I got my Chem and Sej paper back..
Im not that satisfied..but its okay la for the first time..I guess..lol
And I was really lucky that i recovered before exam..Phew~~
And yea..thankx to those people who cared for me so much..
I think you know who you are..hehe..
Thank you so much for being there for me..
And Im so sorry Sok Leng,Crystal and Alex..
I was absent on Sports Day..=(
Hope can still run with you guys next year..hehe
That's all..byez..=D

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