Friday, February 5, 2010

Just came back from Jusco..
Helped my dad to choose a gift for my mom for valentine..hehe
Finally,we bought a watch..
I chose cuz it nice..hahahahaha..
Hope she'll like it..=)

These few days the teachers were not 'THAT' mad.. least there were not so many homework..
Hopefully i can finish my homework in skul everyday..
After the homework stress, came the sports stress...gosh..
Bianca forced me to join la??
so stressed up la..4x100m enough d la..haha
(if she reads this,i'll be dead)
seriously,i dont think i can manage to win la..

I wan to run for class..haha
But my class teacher doesnt allow..because she's a nightingale teacher too..
haiz...too bad.. maths teacher is getting better la.. we told her that we dont need the notes for
we r actually quite mean to her..poor thing..
lol...we're the meanies...but not as mean as chicken la..haha..
funny la she..sit with her can laugh till me stomach aches..haha...

I dont want to dance character dance la..
Pls teacher..dont choose character dance for me..haha
Anyway,with jean around..its merrier la...k??
happy jean?? lol
Jocelyn is goin to aus soon..
All da best to her...
Hope she'll do her best there..gud luck..=)

CNY is coming soon..hehe
Cant'll be so fun..
can wear new clothes..haha..
But im afraid i dont hav time to study for piawai test la..
chicken is freaking me out...she says we must study during CNY..,we set our target to finish reading sj bab 1 and komsas stuffs..
I really dunno whether i gt time anot la..
On the 3rd day of CNY i'll be going to kuantan..
how am i goin to study??? Help me people..
Eh..i havent finish reading Azfa Hanani...
Gosh...hav to read now..bye..=)

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