Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Sunday~

Hey people! I had a great time at church today. Whee~ hehe. Was laughing non stop. Lol. Yea. The worship team was awesome today! Love da songs. Hehe. We did some really crazy stuffs today. Writing wad's crazy in this world in a mahjong paper with a crayon. Haha. My group drew a really crazy face with words written below 'i am crazy,you are crazy,we all are crazy,livin in a crazy world' haha. Funny rite? It ended quite early. So,was sitting and chatting with sin yee,marcus and ben. Hmm.. I shall remind ben bout the man in tutu. Hahaha.
And all da best to you people who are having exams=) God bless:)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hillsong Australia!!~

Yesterday night I went for the Hillsong concert-Unite and Conquer-with Sin yee,vic,elaine,jo,yi qi,crystal and vern. It was GREAT! AWESOME! I had a great time except for something that happened yesterday. But.. I ENJOYED MYSELF too! Not gonna let that destroy my night!=)We all had fun worshiping God and praying for each other. Really hope they'll come again next year. =)

After the concert ended,Sin yee,jo,yi qi,vincent and I went for supper at stadium. The hor hee is so yummy! haha. Didnt eat dinner and was Thankx to sin yee's mom who took us there.=) if not,my mum would hav scolded me for not eatin. hehe.By the time I reach home it was about 11.40.haha.Dad was nagging all the time.But was just listening not absorbing also.haha.

And yea..thankx for coming bac this sun just for me=)hehehe. Perasan d.So long didnt see you d.Hope to see you this sun=)and all the best for your exams yea.
Didnt go to school today.Was having sore throat after shouting and cheering so much yesterday=)but the main reason was..I am LAZY! haha.

I want to go for the movie marathon too!! yer.. But dont think my parents will allow ler. Sin Yee! I want to go!! hehe. Hope I can go ler..=)

Yea. I guess that's all for today=)
I HAD A GREAT GREAT TIME YESTERDAY! Thankx to all my friends=) love you guys♥

Friday, May 7, 2010


I just came back from chicken's surprise farewell party..Everything went just the way I wanted it to be..=) the surprise party worked out!!Oh god..I was so happy when I see her laughing so happily shaking her butt..haha.. All of us just appeared infront of her house..hehe..Actually I've planned it with her mom first we all gathered at Ann's house..then we went to Jia Qi's house together gether..hehe..Each of us bought something there to eat.. yummy yummy=) haha..Love Sin Yee's spaghetti~~ Neway..just wanna thank all my friends who make this farewell party so perfect~Without them,we wouldnt have such a fun and crazy with Kim around* hehehe..Oh yea..chicken..better put more cleanser on your face..wakaka..Poor jia qi.. Kena abused by Kim~smashing chocolate sake on chicken's face~ hahahaha..And..poor the floor dirty..haha..Thankx to Sok Leng n Sin Yee who became *the maids*...wakakakakaka..

Hmm.. The party was obviously awesome..but I rather not have the party.. I WANT JIA QI TO STAY HERE!!
Jia Qi, you've alwiz been a very very good friend of mine..
I hope we can still keep in touch forever and ever.
Things would be much better without exams!!We can go out everyday and spend time with you..and you do not need to leave school so fast..=(EXAMS!! EXAMS!!EXAMS!because of you..We cant have more time to spend with each other.because of you..Jia Qi has to stop school at 14 when actually she can stay till the 4th..because of you..Everyone needs to study and not everyone could come for the farewell party..I HATE YOU EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope we can go KL right after exams..I hope we can see her before she leaves for US =(Jia Qi..pls do remember us..k? and our gang!! hehe.. >LOVE YOU LOTS~~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Taiping trip~

Here are some of the pictures I
Today we went to Taiping Zoo and Taman Herba for our Civics project. But we were there to have fun Sin yee and I really had fun taking pictures..haha..~as usual~ lol. The funny thing was..chicken camwhores everywhere. lol. Funny la she. And..Sin Yee's scared monkeys. haha. yea..erm..those who went today were..sok leng~da birthday gurl~,chicken,sin yee,me,kishaniah,lynn,alex,may lynn,chi ying,wai yan,ee wei and wen yen..and others la. haha.
Was so tired after the trip. But i went to JJ with sin yee after that. haha. Went I skipped my ballet lesson again. hmm..she's gonna kill Exam's just around the corner and I alwiz miss my classes.. People..wish me luck for my ballet exam..haha. Tomorrow will be another FUN day! yay! hehe.

Friday, March 26, 2010

WE NEED YOU..seriously..
Promise me..k?
Haiz..this is so sad..
Pls dont leave..i beg u.. =(

Friday, March 19, 2010