Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey people!! Im
Skul started 3 weeks ago..and here i am..
suffering to death..
the first week of skul was fun..
bcos there's NO HOMEWORK!!!!
but im certainly grateful that i had got into the class that i wanted...4S1..
BUT...of cuz 3 Hornbill is still and will always be the best class in my life..=)
It's not that 4s1 is not really happy that i can be in the same class with chingy,belle si,vicky,ann,elaine,kirsten... they all la...ESPECIALLY..sin yee..chicken(jia qi),sok leng,mag n kiirtaara..hehe
and..chicken is my deskmate this year..
so glad i can sit with her..hehe..
i think the whole row..we're the most noisy
i never thought that life in form 4 would be this hard..haiz..
my class will never be the same without my Kishy(Kishaniah)...=( harder..k? We must be in the same class nex year..promise??=)
seriously,im lifeless now..
This is what i've gotta do..

Monday-skul,choir,bio tuition
Tuesday-skul,nightingale,ballet,chemistry tuition
Wednesday-skul,add maths tuition,ballet
Thursday-skul,accounts tuition,ballet
Friday-skul,physics tuition
Sun-comp lesson,bm tuition.

I think this will be the timetable for my life this year..
And..i have to add in..HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK everyday...
Tons of homework..this is totally madness..
How can we enjoy our form 4 like this?
The second week..we had 3 essays,1 karangan(at least 800 words) n a lot more..
When I was told about the format of SPM papers, i felt like fainting..
It's so MUCH MORE difficult compared to form 3..gosh..
How am I going to manage this???
Someone pls help me!!
I wonder what is my results for the first monthly test..=(

I really have no time for all this..
Im sorry..k?
I just hope that u'll understand..

Oh yeah..that day,i went out to jusco with lynn,sinyee,sean,kish,kiirtaara,julianne,viva,shalini,alex n jean..
It was Lynn's sweet sixteen birthday..=)


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