Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Day...=)

Today in school,we did some sudoku competition and guess wad??!!!
Our class won...haha..
But it was kinda easy cause its just 6 numbers..
After that, me,Sin yee,Kish,Alex,Lynn and Vicky had a practice for the Senam Seni thing for a performance on Hari Penghargaan.
I was laughing when I saw somebody dancing..cant help
After recess,we had practice again. Lynn and Hoy Yan from my class went for a rehearsal for the Miss MGS.
Me,Kish,Sin yee and Alex were talking behind there..
Blah blah blah,gossips bout someone..haha..
Before that we were talking about someone when someone is there listening..
Kish was happily talking there when she did not notice someone was there...haha...
Funny la she..
When we went back to class, Chien Xin was practising her pose for the Pakaian Tradisional competition tomorrow.
Me n Lynn gave her some ideas on the pose..haha...
Pray hard she can win tomorrow...gambateh Chien Xin!
I noe you can do it...hehe..
Mei n Kish that gang was playing Pictionary..its a very fun game..
tat day i played with Mei..we won! haha
Hope can play it tomorrow..
Dont know when can we go to Jo's house to watch ghost'll be so fun..

Im just very happy these few days..
Finally,there's someone there for me to talk to...haha...
So nice..=)
Luv ya very much~~~
Today is Sean's birthday..
~Hope to start my practice for da performance soon~

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