Friday, September 26, 2008

Holidays just started. Hmm..I guess its just the beginning for my days for studies. Ha ha. Today, I studied for 3 hours. I studies Geo,Sej and science. But I cant even memorise anything. Its not getting into my head. Im going to kl this tuesday. Hope that my cousins will go to genting. Then,I can go too. I've not been there for such a long long time. But actually,I feel that its just a waste of money. I NEED to study!!! Exams are just around the corner. Why is there something called 'EXAM' in this world? Cant they just stop making us suffer?? Gosh.. I just feel like enjoying myself for this holidays. But the answer is a NO NO.. Today, she started to talk to me. And I was answering her! That really suprising. I just dun feel like arguing with her anymore. I felt like saying bye and happy holidays to her but words just cant come out from my mouth. So, I just went home without saying anything..

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