Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today is my birthday. I went to school like usual. At first i thought all of my friends forgot bout it cuz they did not wish me. But then,suddenly they started wishing me 1 by 1. The whole class sang me a burfday song. All i did was saying "THANK YOU!" haha. A few of my friends gave me presents. I felt so bad for not inviting them to jusco. Eventhough they knew bout it, they still gave me present. Thanks to u guys. I got accesories(from kish,lynn,crys n alex),a shirt(from sin yee n yiqi),keychain(from belle n mei),a pillow(from ching) n an aroma jar(from wen yen). Love them. Just came back from my dinner. I went to Kizuna. Love the food there too. So delicious. hehe.. Nice birthday!..

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wenyen said...

hi... wad's wrong with me? i wanna noe.. no one is talking to me.. oh ya.. Happy Birthday...u ppl are really weird