Friday, August 29, 2008

Nowadayz,many sad stuff are happening to me again...
I went to kuatan n came back last sunday..
I was so sad when i noe that i had to come back from kuantan..
In kuantan..i was really really happy cuz my aunties n cousins were so nice to me..
We really had a lot of fun especially with 1 of my cousin who is same age as me..
hmm...dunno when can i go to kuantan again..
I felt like crying when i leave kuantan...but i did not..
Cuz my sister was crying..haha..

This few days, i read TWILIGHT!!!
It was the best book i've ever read..
Edward Cullen is sooooo perfect...
He's just too perfect to be true..
He's loving..kind..helpful..powerful..n romantic..
Cant someone can be like him??
I wanted to buy that book although i read it twice..
It alwiz reminds me of someone..
But i'll never buy that book n read it again!!!

During the holidays..I went for a filming...
I had quite a lot fun...
And.. everyday i went for ballet practice for the concert..
Im really looking forward to it..
My teacher chosed me to dance 'flick jety'..which i cant do..
the only thing she told me is.."keep on practising"..
the holidays made me really busy..but the kept me stop thinking of him..n that's a really good one..
Im definetely watching 'TWILIGHT' in the cinema...
I really love it...

Actually..i've got lotz of things to write...
but i just cant write it out..
scared someone could read it..
Im thinking too much am i??

Really need to hang out with my friends..
Just need so time to relax!!!
This sunday, im supposed to go for marching..
but i just think its not worth it to get a few coco marks to make myself dark..

today,there was a choir competition for the merdeka week..
my class did quite good..we are alwayz competing with heron..dunno why..
the form 4s1 n s2 did really good..hope that they can win..
of cuz..i want my class to win also..
that's all for the day..~~

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